Split a large Git repository

My latest project has been set up with several sub projects in one large repository. At the time we set it up it helped our workflow to have everything in one place. After some weeks we found our initial Git repository setup not really helpful though.

Our initial repository LargeRepository looked something likes this:

  • LargeRepository/
    • .git/
    • Frontend/
    • Admin/
    • API/
    • Services/

Frontend is an AngularJS JavaScript Web Application which is running on the client. It just requests data from our API. Admin, API and Services are Java projects which are runing on the server-side.

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Eclipse Java EE jQuery Validation Error Workaround

During my recent Java EE project I came across an annoying bug which always showed an Error Symbol on my root project folder. At first I thought it was a Java error but then I saw it was caused by the minified version of jQuery (jquery-1.7.2.min.js) in my case. This is an Eclipse bug already reported in summer 2011. I guess this can also happen with other minified JavaScript files.

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18 of my Favorite Corporate Software Engineering & Tech Blogs

Here is my actual favorite list of Corporate Software Engineering & Tech Blogs of young web startups and big guys like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

You can get interesting insights how they can handle millions of users every day. They share programming techniques, tool reviews and deal with topics like High Scalability, Infrastructure, Software Architecture and Big Data.

Definitely a good way to learn new stuff and catch up with the latest trends.
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Flickering Sencha Touch Animations on Android

After deploying my project on Android Devices I found out about some annoying bug in Sencha Touch. It causes flickering on Android when using Animations like cardSwitchAnimation: ‘slide.’ All available solutions didn’t seem to fix this issue on my setup completely. I was using a tabBar at the bottom of my application and the icons of it didn’t get rendered when the app loaded for the first time. Continue reading