TYPO3 4.3 Multimedia Cookbook book review

TYPO3 is my CMS of choice for larger sites. With my +5 years of experience in TYPO3 development I’m always happy about books which cover more than the basics of this CMS. When Packt Publishing asked me to review this book and I first read the title of this book I thought: Hopefully not another one of those basic TYPO3 books! But I was wrong and Dan Osipov did a really good job with his latest book TYPO3 4.3 Multimedia Cookbook. He gives the reader a good overview of advanced media handling like images, sound or video files.

Just from reading the subtitle of the book which is “Over 50 great recipes for effectively managing multimedia content to create an organized website in TYPO3” I would never have guessed how advanced techniques this book shows. This book is definitely for the experienced TYPO3 user who already built some TYPO websites, has at least basic understanding of TypoScript, knowledge about PHP and basic knowledge about the TYPO3 Core API would also be good.  For some recipes from this book you definitely need more than a shared hosting account because you need to install some special applications.

In my opinion this book has more than kept its promises. You will learn much more than just organizing multimedia content. For example in one chapter you will learn how to work with externals services as Amazon S3 to organize your DAM files, the YouTube API to get videos or flickr to upload images.
The chapter I liked the most is about creating services with TYPO3. You will learn how to extract metadata from OpenOffice documents, how to convert videos to FLV or convert your audio files. Of course you need shell access to install some applications. The book only describes the procedure for Debian systems. If you are not familiar with the Linux shell you might get stuck here and ask Google for further information.
As I’m a big fan of automation I also liked the last chapter about automating processes which also covers geolocation support.

Overall I liked the book and can recommend it to developers who like to have a deeper look into TYPO3 and its possibilities to extend the basic system. I think it will be useful in the future for me to get some inspiration from the recipes or just grab some snippet. For some developers without Linux knowledge or limited access it might be hard to follow some steps.

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